Here are some pictures submitted by our members.  If you would like to add to the collection, send them to me by email to THIS LINK or mail them to Scott McKee, NT5SM, 2302 Fairdale Ct., Richmond, Texas, 77469.


Here's Minnesota Bob, K0VMT

Here are some great pictures and words Bob shares with us.

"This is BOB MACK  K0VMT at Ivanhoe, Minnesota sending you a few pictures of my flying days.. I learned my flying in an old Taylor-craft 1940 model. I bought it at Tyler Minnesota  in 1962. The fabric had run out on it and my son and myself rebuilt it on the farm and learned to fly it. I  We paid 500 dollars. I was 52 years old when I learned to fly and since then we had a CESSNA 120  few years later I was in Arizona and bought the 172-- I am sending you a picture of also. We had that around a few years . and now we still have a 1939 Taylor-Craft in the barn that needs to be rebuilt and I am 95 years old and I won't be rebuilding it at any time soon. My son may rebuild it if he gets at it and he is 70 years old also. We also had a Piper Tri-Pacer  in the family at one time also. Thanks"


"My favorite instrument the GUITAR.  Did a lot of entertaining

at the various rest homes in the area. I also play the old tyme fiddle."                    



"Picture of the farm all of our family were raised on, and also the place where my grand folks came in 1882 with 5 siblings, when my father was 4 years old. There was no roads at that time and the county was just surveyed. There was no fences or buildings of any kind at the time. No water only in the streams that flowed near the farmstead. Most pioneers only had a team of oxen and had to plow with them and do their field work. The land could be bought from the railroad co or some of it was homesteaded. My grandfather got his 240 acres for 5.00 dollars an acre.

They bought themselves a lot of work. No question about that. Could also be burned out by prairie fires as the farmers didn't need all that hay and grass at the time.

 Have 7 siblings -  5 girls and 2 boys.  5 of the older ones are over 90 years old and 2 girls, youngest one is 85 years, and the other is 80 years old."


"This is picture of a CITATION my daughter flew for awhile out of Minneapolis

 for some business firm.  She is still flying corporate craft out of the Minneapolis area.

She is also a pilot examiner."






N7DRR (about 28 years ago)

Now Jerry has a new call......



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