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Hi Scott, I have some thoughts about the organization. These are thoughts about how to improve the way it presently operates and/or attracts new operators.
1. There is no formal net time. Guys just get on when they want. 3 hour time span is too long considering the number of hams participating.
2. Things that turn other hams off about the group.
       a. No semblance of an organized net ie, time, purpose or true net control.
       b. The word airline scares would be participators off.   
       c. No preamble at the beginning of the net to state who is welcome.
       d. No time devoted to address aviation issues. Most of the time it's "I can hear you can you hear me?"
       e. When whomever is calling QRZ for check-ins they have little coverage of the US or World due to             poor ionospheric conditions and low power. I participate in other nets like the 7290 net  out of       Texas     and California/Hawaii net out of Oregon/CA and they all use power. (Sorry about the spacing this Yahoo processor does not allow me to space as I require).
3. Wed and Thur ought to be dropped.
4. Early bird session ought to be dropped. (I don't even know when that begins) We don't have enough active members to justify an early session. A new firm time should be set and members encouraged to show at that time.
5. Little follow up on members that may be out due to illness. Age is a factor with our members as it is with all of ham radio. We should send a card or a phone call to members that may be experiencing ill health.
6. A health and welfare segment should be included in a formal net setting.
7. There should be a written statement at the end of the net to alert SWLs  (meaning hams that are lurking and not checking in) when meeting times are. And then a formal signing.
       Well, Scott, these are things that strike me as odd about the net we try to run. Really, we don't have a net at all and I think that is apparent to hams that are listening. I'd volunteer to write the preambles and closing statements and serve has a net controller (not more than once a week) until we can attract some new regulars that may have net control capability ie., amplifier and a central location that covers most of the US on most days. These issues seem to me to be important enough to question the long term life of the organization if these things are not considered and addressed.
Thanks, 73,
Jeff "Griff" Griffin


This is a great proposal..... Let me see if I can add to the possibilities:
1.  Change the net's name to the "AVIATORS Net" sponsored by the IAAH inviting all hams to join in on a regular basis during the net.
2.  The NCS and/or a Liason station provide a secondary means to check in (i.e. Echolink, Landline, Email).  There are many who are unable to get on HF These options would need to be regularly promoted during the net as well as promoted on the  IAAH web site, emails, ARRL net directory, etc.
3.  Consider having the net on different days on a different band and time (i.e. 40 meters in evening or 17 Meters Mid-day) .
4.  Having the net on only Sunday AM is fine but it may be a conflict for some church attendees.  When I am off work on Sunday, we usually leave the house about 10am local CT so can still make the net for a few minutes.
5.  Having a big signal is great when that capability exists, many of us limited to minimal antenna due to restrictions.  We offer the best we can do and ask for relays as needed.
This should get some discussion going.  I encourage everyone to join the AirlineHams group on Yahoo -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AirlineHams/ . This will simply the communication effort.  Also please forward this to anyone else you feel might contribute here.
Scott, NT5SM





T.J., N2SE wrote on 3 June 2007........

Wow, almost a year since the last post... (Aug '06) guess no one has
been doing any flying/talking on/in the air? I made a couple more
20M contacts in Jan/Feb over the Gulf coming back from Cancun,
chatted with one guy up in Anchorage and a number of East Coast
dwellers, but nothing since. I would like to make some lower freq
contacts but the Boeing radios only have AM and USB, so I'm kinda
limited to 14MHz and above.. I tried some CQ's on 75 and 40M but no
one came up to the other sideband :(

My own 706MkII in the truck has a problem now... seems every freq is
abt 125kc off between transmit to receive, even on HF, so I'll have
to make sure I dont have a wierd split programmed in, but after
several total factory resets and it's still doing it, I think some
logic board has a problem :( Right now, my repeater offsets are abt
725kc plus or minus and 125kc diff for 146.52. It isnt difficult to
make it work on repeaters, just takes math... but I was an English
major, so it usually takes a calculator to figure out my transmit
freq from the receive :)

Three weeks til Field Day, and I'm heading down to Cancun on
Saturday, coming back Sunday, so if anyone want to try to bag "NS2E,
Aeronautical Mobile" I can try to be up on 14.280 +/- (IAAH freq)
Saturday afternoon... Sunday I think we come back as Field Day ends
(abt 5pm PDT) so that'll prob be too late to count..

That's abt all I've got for an update from the Left Coast.. Anyone
one else doin anything?




Hello all,

I've been doing pretty much just Pacific flying since my airline
started Hawaii service in December, PHX to OGG(Maui), KOA(Kona), HNL
(Honolulu) and LIH(Lihue).. I have been hanging around the upper
14,200's hoping to make some 20M contacts.. The Boeing radios in
the 757's are only USB and AM, so I'm kinda limited to the upper
bands(20/17/15m). I havent tried 75m AM yet, tho I've heard there
used to be quite a bit of AM activity. In February, I got a nasty
comment from someone about using the wrong sideband on 40m.. <sigh>,
in every group there's gotta be one to to complain about the

One evening back in January, I was over MSY at 350, enroute to PHX
from FLL, dialing around 20m trying to see what was out there. I
came across a QSO with a KH6 station and another station I couldnt
hear. I waited till the KH6 signed and threw out my call, he came
back to me, said he was on the north shore of Oahu.. Plugged HNL
into the computer and it said approx 3890 miles.. Just a little
under 4000, at 400w, at FL350, not bad... 'Gotta be my longest
contact I think. Chatted for a few minutes, swapped numbers, said
good luck and signed... Immediately a pileup started.. man, you'd
think people had never talked to a plane before ;) After abt an
hour of "Field Day" kind of pile-ups, I told everyone I had to get
back to flying but thanked them all for the contacts..

'Was a lot of fun and tho I've got domestic transcon trips for July,
and prob August, I'll try to get on 20m as often as I can. Are
there many others out making HF contacts? The guys I fly with (non-
hams) are pretty jazzed hearing me talk around the country, tho
you'd think their own calls to SFO and NY Radio would impress
them... naw, it seems talking to everyday people perks their
interest in our hobby.

Does anyone get grief from the guys you fly with being on the HF?

Listenin' 14200-14300..

AWA(USAir now), B757




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