International Association of Airline Hams

The I.A.A.H.  is an organization of Amateur Radio  operators who share a common  interest, who have been at one time or another associated with an airline company or other supporting organization.  

***Latest Update: 1 November 2009***

*** Members Messages : WELCOME to our newest member - Gregory Ramallo, N6JDM. He is a pilot with SWA and based at PHX. 

   See some of the posts by IAAH members  received on the AirlineHams Yahoo group. Join the group using the link below.

Our NET meets Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday on the 20 meter  frequency of 14.280 MHz  from 1400 to 1700 U.T.C. during Daylight Savings Time and 1500 to 1800 during Standard Time (always 1000 E.T.)  There is an Early Bird rag chew session that begins one hour prior to the net.

The IAAH Newsletter is in transition to a Web / Email based product.  At the present time we do not have an editor for a printed edition so your stories, autobiographies and photos can now be included on the IAAH web site.   If you would like to contribute to the collection, either email to " mail(at) airlinehams.net"   (or snail mail them to me on the address shown in the CONTACT Page.

With sunspots lacking, HF conditions have been challenging lately, we're always looking for alternate means to communicate for the IAAH group. If you haven't already done so, join the "AirlineHams Yahoo Group.  Here's how:

Click here to join AirlineHams

Click to join AirlineHams Yahoo Group


Also.. Try Echolink as an addition to the HF net.  We need stations who can host a conference as well as liaison between HF and Echolink so we can include more who would like to join in.  Go to www.echolink.org to get your software, and share your thoughts with us on the AirlineHams Group message board on making this an effective tool.

The material on this web site is for the members  of the IAAH and others seeking information about the organization.  Your input and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.  Please send your comments to mail@airlinehams.net  



Last Updated:  03.nov.09